CSEP Fellows

Introduced in 2018, the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology Fellow designation is a recognition of an academic or certified member's contributions to CSEP. This recognition is independent of contributions to the member's field of research.The CSEP Fellow designation will recognize leaders in our society who have inspired research excellence among members or been bridge-builders strengthening the relationship between academic and professional members through significant or consistent service.

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Anthony Belcastro, Ph.D.

York University, Toronto, ON, CSEP Academic

CASS (CSEP) President, President Elect, 1986-1990, CSEP Honour Award Recipient, 1998, Chair, CSEP Fitness Appraisal Certification and Accreditation (FACA) Program, 1997-1999.

Over five decades of CASS/CSEP membership, Dr. Belcastro has inspired leadership among CASS/CSEP members, contributed to initiatives that bridged Academic discovery to exercise prescription guideline development supporting professional member’s scope of practice, and thereby facilitated CSEP’s mission by impacting the health of Canadian Communities. As a tireless volunteer, his guidance and exceptional leadership qualities have not only served the Society, but encouraged others to become members, and members to become more involved. It is this kind of dynamic contribution and commitment that makes Dr. Belcastro a worthy recipient of the distinction of CSEP Fellow.

Nominated by C.Perry, M.Tremblay, D.Hood

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