CSEP-CPT Candidate Study Course

Looking for help studying for your Theory Exam or Practical Exam? This online prep course is designed to help those pursuing CSEP-CPT certification prepare for their certification exams. The seven part series focuses on refreshing and strengthening your skills and knowledge on the client-centred CSEP-PATH® process. Each section covers a range of topics, concepts, and demonstrations over one or more videos with presenters who are experts in the field.

Price (12 month subscription): $80.00 (members) and $110.00 (non-members) / After May 15: $95.00 (members) and $145.00 (non-members)

Duration: over 7 hours of video!

Members earn 11 CSEP Professional Development Credits

Sections in the Course

Becoming a CSEP-CPT

Learn about becoming a CSEP Certified Personal Trainer®(CSEP-CPT) and a CSEP-CPT’s scope of practice.

Duration: 30 minutes

The 5-A's Step 2: ASSESS

Learn about the assessment tools available in the CSEP-PATH manual, a review of the Health Benefit rating and CESP-CPT best practices. Presenters will review Anthropometry, Body Composition, Aerobic and MSK assessment protocols and how they relate to the health of an individual.  

Duration: 100 minutes

The 5-A's Step 5: ASSIST & Professional-ism

Continuing your support will help clients follow their program and meet healthy lifestyle goals. The first part of the module will focus on how to establish follow-up sessions and provide continued support to clients. The second part of the module will help you better understand the professional standards, documentation and record keeping requirements as well as legal considerations so you can support clients and practice as a CSEP-CPT.

Duration: 40 minutes

CSEP-PATH® for CSEP-CPT Candidates

The CSEP-PATH Resource Manual® is the required resource for all CSEP-CPT Candidates. This module provides an overview of how to successfully navigate the Manual, and an introduction to the CSEP-PATH® Process; CSEPs client-centered process is designed to help individuals adopt and maintain a physically active life.

Duration: 30 minutes

The 5-A's Step 3: ADVISE & Behaviour Change

Learn the Behaviour Change theories and models that will help you guide your client into adopting and maintaining healthy lifestyle changes. The second part of this module reviews the tools available to help you discuss the assessment results with your client to help them make changes.

Duration: 40 minutes

The 5-A's Step 1: ASK

Establishing a rapport with a client is important in laying the foundation in a client-focused relationship. Learn about pre-meeting and first-meeting objectives and about the tools available to help CSEP-CPTs start this relationship on the right foot.

Duration: 40 minutes

The 5-A's Step 4: AGREE

To help clients maintain an active lifestyle it is important to develop a plan of action with programming that addresses the needs and goals of your client. Learn about the tools to help build a plan and review examples of exercises you a CSEP-CPT include in a program in this module. Presenters will go over Resistance, Aerobic, Balance, Flexibility and Weight management programming.

Duration: 150 minutes