Choose CSEP for your Certification 

For those who want to be active in the field of Exercise Science & Personal Training, CSEP has two certifications. CSEP Certified Personal Trainers® (CSEP-CPT) and CSEP Certified Exercise Physiologists® (CSEP-CEP) provide clients with individualized exercise programming that supports lasting lifestyle changes.

Choose CSEP for your certification because:
  • You want to be part of a community of qualified exercise professionals who recognize the need to improve health outcomes for all Canadians.
  • You believe it is important that qualified exercise professionals follow a client-centred process to help clients adapt and maintain a physically active life. 
  • You understand the importance of using assessments that are validated in research to best help your clients. 
  • Your certified membership will include Professional Liability Insurance designed to support your broad Scope of Practice. 
  • Being CSEP certified reflects the depth of your knowledge and dedication to your profession.
  • To become CSEP certified your first step is to read the requirements and then apply to determine if you are eligible to pursue certification. 


CSEP Certified Personal Trainer®

A CSEP-CPT work with individuals to meet their healthy lifestyle goals using an evidence-informed approach acquired through education. 

Full Application Requirements & More Information



CSEP Certified Exercise Physiologist®

A CSEP-CEP works with individuals from diverse populations to meet their healthy lifestyle, performance and occupational goals by applying advanced education, skills, and experience. 

Full Application Requirements & More Information


Overview of CSEP Certifications

CSEP-CPTs and CSEP-CEPs each have their own Scope of Practice and requirements. The Scope of Practice defines the actions and activities the CSEP-CPT or CSEP-CEP is qualified and insured to perform.


CSEP-CPTs Scope of Practice includes working with apparently healthy individuals or those with one stable health condition. They can perform sub-max testing and provide exercise prescription. View more.


CSEP-CEPs Scope of practice includes includes working with general populations, high performance athletes, and those with chronic health conditions, functional limitations or disabilities. CSEP-CEPs can administer any assessment protocol available, health performance and job related, as well as sub-max and maximal testing. View more.
To be eligible to book your Theory Exam and Practical Exam you must first apply. You cannot book the exams before you apply and your application is reviewed. When you are approved to challenge the exams you will be sent instructions to book your Theory Exam with PearsonVUE and your Practical Exam. View more exam information.
Your first step is to read the requirements and apply online. When we receive your application an Education Coordinator will review it to determine if you are eligible to challenge the exams.


Education Coordinators will work with applicants who do not meet requirements about the best path forward. To receive consultation on your courses you must first apply!
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If you are interested in pursuing your CSEP Certification you can subscribe to our special CSEP Certification Newsletter for future applicants. We will reach out to you a few times a year with information to help you become CSEP Certified in the future.
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