Introduced in 2018, the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology Fellow designation is a recognition of an academic or certified member’s contribution to CSEP. This recognition is independent of contributions to the member’s field of research. The CSEP Fellow designation will recognize leaders in our society who have inspired research excellence among members or been bridge-builders strengthening the relationship between academic and professional members through significant or consistent service.

2022 Fellows


For more information about Fellowship Nominations, visit the Fellows Terms of Reference

Dr. David Behm

David Behm, PhD, F-CSEP

School of Human Kinetics and Recreation
Memorial University, St. John’s Newfoundland
CSEP Academic

Perhaps the most valuable contribution of Dr. Behm’s outstanding career, is that he has trained and motivated a generation of health professionals and scientists that to this day are still active CSEP members through their certifications and/or scientific contributions.

Dr. Duane Button

Duane Button, PhD, F-CSEP

School of Human Kinetics and Recreation
Memorial University, St. John’s Newfoundland
CSEP Clinical Exercise Physiologist

Duane has a long-standing commitment to CSEP at all levels and is recognized as a strong and externally funded researcher who publishes and supports work in the area of health and fitness among other topics related to movement and physical activity. Duane has been a CSEP ambassador at Memorial University and for the province and would be an excellent CSEP advocate to help support and represent CSEP across the country.

Jennifer Jakobi, PhD, F-CSEP

School of Health and Exercise Sciences
University of British Columbia – Okanagan
CSEP Academic

Dr. Jakobi’s research has direct implications for improving the quality of life of
older Canadians, which is in line with CSEP’s mission. Her work towards the early identification of sex-related functional decline has provided important opportunities to tailor interventions to mitigate age-associated loss of functional independence for all persons. Accordingly, Dr. Jakobi’s research holds meaningful impact for scientists, clinicians, and individuals. Her contributions align with the spirit of this designation considering the long-standing impact she has made to CSEP.

2020 Fellows

Panagiota (Nota) Klentrou, PhD, F-CSEP

Brock University, St. Catharines, ON
CSEP Academic

CSEP Treasurer, 2003-2013, CSEP President, 2017-2019

Through her outstanding leadership, Dr. Klentrou has inspired excellence among CSEP members. Her contribution to initiatives that bridge academic discovery to exercise prescription and guideline development have moulded the identity of CSEP to this day.

Michelle Mottola, PhD, F-CSEP

Western University, London, ON
CSEP Academic

Throughout her career, Dr. Mottola has been a long-time member of CSEP and powerful advocate of the critical role of exercise in promoting a healthy pregnancy for both mother and baby.

Michael Plyley, PhD, F-CSEP

Brock University, St. Catharines, ON
CSEP Academic

CASS (CSEP) President-elect, CASS (CSEP) President, 1988-1991

Dr. Plyley has been a pioneer for CSEP by helping shape its roots as CASS and its most recent stages of growth. There are few CSEP members, past or present, who have provided continual contributions for to the Society for over 40 years, and in as many leadership roles.

2019 Fellows

Terry Graham, Ph.D., F-CSEP

University of Guelph, Guelph ON
CSEP Academic

Young Investigator Award Recipient, CSEP Honour Award, John Sutton Memorial Lecture

Dr. Graham is a devoted advocate and supporter of the philosophies of CSEP. For more than four decades, Terry has devoted a large part of his life to the success and evolution of the Society, and as such is a very worthy recipient of the recognition of Fellow of CSEP.

Robert Ross, Ph.D., F-CSEP

Queen’s University, Kingston ON
CSEP Academic

Chair, Fitness Appraisal Certification and Accreditation Program (FACA, Quebec), 1987-1990, Chair, Fitness Appraisal Certification and Accreditation Program (FACA), 1997-2001, CSEP President, CSEP Honour Award.

Dr. Ross has made outstanding contributions to exercise physiology and to CSEP in particular. He has held leadership positions in the Society for more than three decades and has been committed to many large endeavours on behalf of the Society. For his profoundly impactful contributions to CSEP and its membership, Dr. Ross is uniquely deserving of the distinction of Fellow of CSEP.

2018 Fellows

Angelo Belcastro, Ph.D., F-CSEP

York University, Toronto, ON
CSEP Academic

CASS (CSEP) President, President Elect, 1986-1990, CSEP Honour Award Recipient, 1998, Chair, CSEP Fitness Appraisal Certification and Accreditation (FACA) Program, 1997-1999.

Over five decades of CASS/CSEP membership, Dr. Belcastro has inspired leadership among CASS/CSEP members, contributed to initiatives that bridged Academic discovery to exercise prescription guideline development supporting professional member’s scope of practice, and thereby facilitated CSEP’s mission by impacting the health of Canadian Communities. As a tireless volunteer, his guidance and exceptional leadership qualities have not only served the Society, but encouraged others to become members, and members to become more involved. It is this kind of dynamic contribution and commitment that makes Dr. Belcastro a worthy recipient of the distinction of CSEP Fellow.

Claude Bouchard, Ph.D., O.C., F-CSEP

Human Genomics Laboratory, Pennington Biomedical Research Centre, Baton Rouge, LA
CSEP Emeritus

CASS (CSEP) President-elect, President, 1985-1986 CSEP Honour Award Recipient, 1988.

A CSEP founding member, Dr. Bouchard has served on countless committees, consensus panels and both national international studies. Not only is he one of the most prolific and visible exercise scientists of our generation, but his mentorship and leadership of more than 75 graduate students and post-doctoral fellows means that his work will continue to influence great research in field of exercise science for many generations to come.

Jonathon Fowles, Ph.D, F-CSEP

Acadia University, Wolfville, NS
CSEP Clinical Exercise Physiologist™

Chair, CSEP Health and Fitness Program (H&FP), 2010-2012 CSEP Professional Standards Program® Recognition Award, 2015.

Dr. Fowles has loyally advocated for CSEP as the gold standard of exercise science and training in Canada and epitomizes the CSEP mission statement by tirelessly advocating for recognition of the value of CSEP members in promoting fitness, performance, and health outcomes for all Canadians. He is recognized Canada wide by students, academics, health professionals, and policy makers for his dedication to exercise science and the CSEP values.

Audrey Hicks, Ph.D, F-CSEP

McMaster University, Hamilton ON
CSEP Academic

CSEP President, President Elect, 2007-2011, CSEP Honour Award Recipient, 2018

Dr. Hicks is a leading advocate for the advancement of exercise science in Canada. Her tireless work in support of this passion has served to promote CSEP and its members in more ways than one can count. Her contributions to her community, her reputation as a researcher, and her dedication to the Society make her a model recipient of this distinction.

Brian MacIntosh, Ph.D, F-CSEP

University of Calgary, Calgary AB
CSEP Academic

Dr. MacIntosh’s service to CSEP can be compared to few. Not only has his research and leadership led to many individuals becoming and remaining members of CSEP, but his example of excellence in his field has been influential in developing and strengthening the research in Canada and abroad in the area of exercise physiology. For his strong commitment to the society, it gives me great pleasure to nominate Dr. Brian MacIntosh as a CSEP Fellow.

Mark Tremblay, Ph.D, F-CSEP

Healthy Active Living and Obesity Research, Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute
CSEP Clinical Exercise Physiologist™

As both an eminently qualified health scientist and long-standing, dedicated advocate for CSEP, Dr. Tremblay surpasses the criteria for CSEP Fellow in every respect. He has demonstrated significant leadership in CSEP committee work, ground-breaking research, guidelines development, and scientific advocacy. I can think of no other person in Canada that has had such a tremendous impact over the last decade, both on behalf of CSEP and for exercise scientists around the world.

Roy Shephard, Ph.D, M.D, O.C, F-CSEP

Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto, Toronto ON
CSEP Emeritus

Dr Shephard has trained countless students and there is likely not a CSEP member who has not cited his work. As a founding member of the organization, and in his fifty years of dedicated service to CSEP and the global exercise science community, Dr. Shephard is uniquely deserving of being an inaugural recipient of the distinction of CSEP Fellow.

Lori Zehr, MSc, F-CSEP

Camosun College, Victoria, BC
CSEP Clinical Exercise Physiologist™

Since joining CSEP in 1986, Ms. Zehr has been a key contributor to provincial and national health promotion initiatives, strategies, and programs to increase population physical activity levels. Ms. Zehr’s ongoing efforts are highly recognized and respected by her fellow members. As a leading contributor and bridge-builder to CSEP for over three decades Lori Zehr is deserving of the distinction of CSEP Fellow.